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Jenny and Derek welcome you to the website of our retreat in rural France. We are situated in the middle of a forest in (the former) La Creuse, Limousin, which is now part of Nouvelle Aquitaine. We are providing a safe environment where you can nurture yourself and be nurtured by us, with an eco-friendly cabin where you have complete privacy. The high vibration meals are vegetarian, vegan, and raw-food, and this can be adjusted according to your particular requirements. For this we use organic produce from local suppliers (and our own potager).
If you are a creative person or are sensitive and looking for uninterrupted seclusion, if you are looking for inspiration or a haven for nesting and revitalisation then, this is for you. This is the ideal place to rest and revive.
The front gate leads into the forest where you can enjoy peace in the beauty of nature while walking in the freshest of fresh air for miles (kilometres). If you are so inclined then you can liaise with the fairies and nature spirits; (they like when we do earth medicine and leave cake for them).
We also offer certain therapies for physical and emotional healing, such as Reiki, Karuna®, and SourceSTAR, as well as Chakradance programmes to rebirth your joy. Jenny can also give you an angel-reading, or a communication with your pet.



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